Spring Collection and NY NOW

Spring Collection and NY NOW

By Isabella Rodriguez, Beau & Ro Intern

This past week I attended my first NY NOW Tradeshow and the biggest takeaway I had can be summed up with one simple word: excitement. For those of you who don't know, NY NOW is an annual tradeshow of wholesale products and innovative designs, where designers, creators, and buyers come together and define this year's market. Makers of products ranging from food to home decor to (of course) handbags showcase their products for the new season and, with some luck, take another step closer to bringing there items to market.

Seeing the innovative new products and gadgets made me extremely eager for the future while also being very overwhelmed at the same time. NY NOW took place at the Javits Center in Manhattan from February 4 - 8 with over 2800 exhibitors. So it was huge, to say the least. Once I was finally able to get my exhibitor pass, I made my way through the maze of vendors and found Beau & Ro's gorgeous booth displaying Sara Rossi's new spring collection for 2017.

Inspired by the "beach-loving, sunshine-filled, nautically-themed" Nantucket and Charleston, the two locations for her retail stores The Skinny Dip, Sara has used a beautiful blend of colors and materials ranging from customized vinyl printing to that sourced from Mumbai textile market to tell a gorgeous story of the sun, the ocean, and warmer times. The classic Beau & Ro functionality and individuality are updated with summery new designs that give each product a true feeling of being filled with sunshine.

A highlight of the collection, and one of the most eye-catching pieces for buyers during NY NOW, are the photo bags. Printed on silk and canvas clutches, you can pick-your-pic from the Americana Photo Collection, featuring New York City-based photographer Elizabeth Shrier, or the Nantucket collection, shot by the renowned Brian Sanger (as featured above). Another option, to make this collection just that much better, is to work with Sara and local photographer and customize your own piece or set specific to your location. 

Even if photo bags are not your thing, this year's Spring/Summer collection at Beau & Ro offers everyone a stylish, hands-free summer, just the way you like it.