Valentine’s Day Date Ideas (and gift ideas of course)

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Valentine’s Day Date Ideas (and gift ideas of course)

By Emme Cronin, Beau & Ro Intern //

Valentine’s day activities certainly vary. Some take the day to appreciate a loved one or partner, while others see an opportunity to engage in some well-earned T.L.C. (a.ka. netflix and chocolate). No matter how you spend Valentine’s day 2017, it should be a day that brings you happiness. Here are some Valentine’s Day date ideas that we think would bring a smile to your face:

  • Ski Trip: Even just for a day, it’s a fun way to get some endorphins going, followed by a good cuddle with some hot chocolate
  • Classic Movie Night: Fifty Shades Darker is coming out on Valentine’s day and will surely put you in the holiday spirit
  • Dessert: Can’t handle the reservation situation, try just dessert at a favorite restaurant since it is a holiday, after all
  • Scavenger Hunt: Leave hints where your loved one will find them leading them to surprises throughout the day (a love note, flowers, a small gift)
  • Get Crafty: Make a cute scrapbook with all of your favorite pictures and memories
  • Explore: Go to that out-of-the-way restaurant that you’ve heard about but have never had the chance to go to
  • Netflix & Chill: Or just spend the day in bed watching cheesy love movies

Here are some gift idea pairings to get your girlfriend or yourself (cuz you don’t need a man) for Valentine’s day, bonus all these bags are currently on sale!:

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    The New Yorker Foldover Clutch + Crossbody in black leather with a gift certificate for a massage inside. Check it out!