A Look Inside the Women's Basketry Cooperative Where the Maroc Collection is Made

Our new Maroc Collection is made in a women’s basketry cooperative and visiting it was truly the highlight of my trip to Morocco last fall. 
The mother-daughter team who runs this cooperative is making a huge difference in the lives of these women and their children and I feel very lucky that we can be a small part of this community. 
The cooperative allows these women to be financially independent while providing their children with a safe and educational space.
The children learn downstairs while their mothers weave upstairs. 
The cooperative firmly believes that women are one of the keys to development and change for a better future, and when you shop our Maroc Collection you are helping to deliver this lasting change.
The remarkable craftsmanship of these women artisans is passed from mother to daughter. 
Once the baskets are woven by hand using natural raffia, they are then sent to a leather atelier to be finished. Our Maroc Collection consists of four silhouettes and twelve styles total. 
The Maroc Tote
The Maroc Clutch
The Maroc Circle
The Maroc Bucket


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