Atelier 17-56 | Julia Skirt

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Atelier 17-56 is a blend of the three, of their intertwined lives, of the joy and the sadness, the light and the darkness, of what could have been and what was. This was how this homage to the past was knit, a tribute to the surreal Caribbean where they grew up, to its mysterious characters, its distinctive colors, and its profound culture, which they want to set forth into the world through each of their garments. 

The romantic, feminine silhouettes, the flow of the fabric, the tactful flares, the textures of the fibers, the delicate, timeless pieces that result from a combination of details and colors, define Atelier 17-56. 

Atelier 17-56 Apparel Atelier 17-56 | Julia Skirt
Atelier 17-56 Apparel Atelier 17-56 | Julia Skirt