Cypress + Fir Ivory Speckled Ceramic Candle

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Each piece, from hand-blown glass, to matte textured ceramics, is designed to evoke a sense of holiday cheer that carries throughout the season. Cypress + Fir is a fine fragrance with notes of frosted fir needle, white eucalyptus, and crushed pine cone to bring the aroma of a fresh forest into your home.

Paddywax prides themselves on being the most versatile and functional candle brand on the market. With notes of lavender, sage, rose, bergamot, etc. Paddwax will bring warmth and nostalgia to your home. Every candle vessel is designed to be repurposed when the wax runs out.

  • 100% Soy wax candles
  • 14 oz.

"Slow down. Light a candle. Set the tone." - Paddywax