Reset & Refresh: More Than Just Your Wardrobe

January is a great time to start fresh and make positive changes for the new year ahead. It can be challenging, especially if you're participating in Dry January, but there are many ways to make this month more enjoyable and elevating. Here are some suggestions to help you reset & refresh more than just your wardrobe.

Discover our collection of comfy classics:

Immune Boosting Recipe

This green garlic ginger chicken and rice soup, also known as Swamp Soup, is loaded with immune-boosting ingredients like garlic, ginger, jalapeño, spinach, and fresh herbs.

Our fav Meredith Hayden, of Wishbone Kitchen, says "It’s basically a flu shot."

This soup recipe is a MUST try!

Who says you can't dress up just to stay in? Cheers to a cozy and classy January night in!

Alcohol Free Option For Dry January

The Sèchey Pinot Noir is a great cozy alcohol-free option for January!

Sèchey is a premium destination for alcohol-free and funcational beer, wine and spirits.

Local? Visit their flagship location at 540 King Street in Charleston, SC.