Picture Perfect Cartagena, Colombia

Our newest collection, The Palm Collection, is handmade in a village in Colombia, South America. My friend Kristin Chambless of Color By K and I flew down to Cartagena to explore the city and meet the artisans who make the bags. The city is so much more than just colorful walls. Here are some of the highlights from the trip.  

Oh, the hats!

We found the most amazing hats in Cartagena! I took many of them back to The Skinny Dip in Palm Beach, you can find them stocked there. I am currently working on sourcing more of these insanely beautiful painted hats, hopefully, you'll be able to buy them online soon. The man in the photo is the talented artist! 

Blue Apple Beach House 

We heard a lot about the Rosario Islands off the coast of Cartagena, but once on the ground, we got the amazing recommendation from our local tour guide to check out Blue Apple Beach House, a small and hidden away beach club, hotel and restaurant with great food, music, rosé and fresh cocktails. 
A private boat charter took about a dozen guest out to this special oasis. After just fifteen minutes on the water we were ushered to our private poolside bed, served wine and an amazing lunch, all included in the price! 

My Favorite Places to Eat, Drink, Etc.

Sofitel Legend Santa Clara | An incredible 5-star hotel experience

Don Juan | It felt like Hamptons in Colombia and it was delicious

Street Food | Don't miss out on the authentic vendors

Maria | Delicious meal in a fun environment 

Alquimico | Three floors of cocktails, plus a roof deck

Blue Apple | Don't miss out on this beach club 

Carmen | Hands down the best meal we had

Mila | An incredible french breakfast

Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Sofitel Legend Santa Clara  Sofitel Legend Santa Clara  CarmenDon Juan

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