The Story Behind Our Hat Shop

Beau & Ro’s newest line for 2019, the Palm Collection is created in a village in Colombia, South America. On a recent trip to Cartagena, Colombia to meet with the artisans of this line of colorful, intricate bags I passed a street vendor on my way home from dinner. He was hand-painting beautiful straw hats. 
Through a translator, I enlisted the artisan to collaborate with me on motifs exclusive to Beau & Ro. And with that, we launched The Hat Shop, a line of limited edition hand-painted hats. The hats boast images such as champagne glasses, anchors, and golden retrievers 


  • Heather Shanahan

    Hi – I love that painted hats. How does one actually purchase one?

  • Heather

    Hi. A few friends have your painted hats and people love them (Moët, banana). How do we buy them? I don’t see any on the website (no way to actually buy one). Thanks!

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